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Sunday, August 15, 2010

its been more than 2 months since this was last updated.
Alhamdulillah, the design has now been finalized. I never thought the design stage would take this long - 8 months to be exact. The engagement with RAM Architects only started in March, so to be fair, the whole design process took more or less 5 months.

So, next - we need to get the design approved by the authority (MBPJ). But before submitting to MBPJ, it needs to go thru town planning process - this to make sure the design adhered the township requirements etc etc. Apparently, other authorities MBSA, DBKL don't have this sort of requirements. The town planner fee alone is 5K!
And while waiting for that, the loan application can be submitted for conditional approval.
There still chances that the loan might get rejected, and worst case - this Projek Buat Banglo needs to be scrapped off.

But, i always look at things positively. I can still sell off the land.
The land value here has appreciated quite handsomely in the past 2 years. The purchase price was RM50psf back then, and now the asking price is no less than RM90psf - which will give me at least 400K of profit.

So either way - it will still be alrite :)


letmetellulaa said...

bila mau update blog? busy kaa?

az said...

I had the same experience of building my dream house in section 9 rimba riang.. I am now in the pre com endorsement stage. Seriously it was really tedious process that I've gone through. How long does it take for you from the endorsement of pre com till construction? How long is your building plan approval? I assumed u have already constructed your house.. How do u find the neighborhood and community in section 9? Hoping that we could build our house soon..

CS @ Sun said...

Hi. How was the construction of your dream house? Hope everything is fine.

Im currently also building my dream house and came across your blog. I am actually looking for a planner. Can you please recommend to me your planner?

Please email me at

Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

farabi4real said...

I am going through the same experience of making my dream home to reality. I have a piece of land that I want to build a bungalow. it has been several months now, got cheated by a contractor and wasted some few thousands on architects. now i am on course on hiring a main-contractor that will do from a to z (from designing until completion all within my total project cost).
always appreciate to read about the experience by others as well...thanks.

Paul Tan said...

hi, what happened to your project?

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