Bungalow - where and why

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ahaa now comes the tricky part.
Maybe the hardest among the 3 happy list.
How to own a bungalow..

My definition of bungalow - a house built on a bungalow/residential land, with no attached wall to any other house.
Why do I wanna own one? Imagine having a home, surrounded by greens. The view from your breakfast table overlooking a wading pool, with small wooden gazebo at the corner - your wife lazying while the kids splashing around. There's a certain kind of freedom with owning a bungalow n that is having land to play with.

Ways to own a bungalow is simple. There are only 2:
1. Buy a bungalow
2. Buy a land n build your own bungalow.

Bungalow can be an investment catalyst. It can be your dream home. For me, its a bit of both. For own stay, the location plays important role. Its where I want to spend most of my lifespan. As in my case, the factors are:
- It must be near both my parents/inlaws.
- It must be near to Curve, Ikea, One Utama (Coz these places r just like my 2nd home hehe).
- It must have schools nearby, possibly walking distance & preferably have a nearby surau or mosque.

Obviously, the first point is crucial. My inlaws r staying in Taman Tun, my parents in Subang Jaya. Being the only son, I need to be close to my parents. My wife works in Kota Damansara, being close to her parents will be a must tooo. So lets narrow down the places:
- Taman Tun Dr Ismail
- Bandar Utama
- Mutiara Damansara
- Kota Damansara
- Bukit Jelutong
- Subang Jaya
- Shah Alam

First, lets cancel off Bukit Jelutong, Subang Jaya & Shah Alam. According to my wife, those places are damnnn farrr (ceruk maneeee). Iskkk frankly, those places are actually quite near, reachable within 20-30 mins via highway fr Taman Tun. Butttt because I love my wife sooo much, n want to make her happy regardless what - cancel je laaaa hahaha.
Ok now, Taman Tun & Mutiara Damansara. During that time in 2008, the double-storey houses were already 700-800k. Bungalow starting 2-3 million plus. Wow I'm not rich, dun hv loads or cash neither earning 20-30k per month. So cancellllll.

Next, Bandar Utama. But i had surveyed and there wasnt any bungalow (or maybe i just could not find it). Again, cancelllll.

Finally, Kota Damansara. Nice location, still developing and apart from the single jam-packed Persiaran Surian access - looks like a great option. Landed properties there were still reasonably priced, Double storey ard 400-500k, semi-d 900k plus and bungalow starting fr 1.5mill plus. Wife also no prob. So ok, Kota Damansara it is ;)


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